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Single-Story Building

Sparkling Windows in Your Commercial Building

Are your building's windows covered in grime? Bring back the shine with help from BMA Window Cleaning in San Marcos, Texas. We perform commercial window washing as part of your comprehensive building maintenance program.

Single-Story Storefronts

Do you want your business to look brand new again? BMA can handle that for you. We have the knowledge, experience, and ability to deliver a service that leaves your windows spotless.

Our crew works diligently to ensure that all window cleaning services are performed to the highest standards. BMA is here to help provide you with a pleasant work environment that is more inviting for employees, clientele, or customers.

Our customers say,

James is thorough and thoughtful!
William H.

Commercial Cleaning Includes:

Interior Service | Exterior Service Plus Inside & Outside of Front Doors | Special Cleaning on Request


For superior service at a competitive price, BMA is the company of choice. You are welcome to schedule our cleanings on a monthly, weekly, or even bi-weekly basis. We look forward to working with you and to satisfying your window cleaning requests.

Multi-Story Buildings

We specialize in cleaning windows for commercial buildings, professional offices, and residences. BMA has hundreds of window accounts and cleans everything from small storefronts, hotels, and schools to government and university buildings.

Our specialized, water-fed system is the preeminent mid-level window cleaning system in the country. This system uses deionized water and is designed to provide excellent results in the safest manner with all work performed from ground level. For high-rise buildings, we provide you with skilled professionals who meet and exceed industrial safety standards.

Multi-Story Buildings